More than 60% of the offers we receive on properties for sale are now submitted by email. Does that surprise you?

This percentage has increased markedly over the last few years. When I started in real estate in 2007 I would personally meet with every client to sign an offer. Nowadays buyers are more educated and want to be the independent masters of their own transaction. Scanning documents has become common practice in all types of work and all-in-one home printers with scanning functions can be brought for well under $100.

I am part of the now-now generation. When we set our hearts on something we want instant gratification and when trying to buy a home it’s no different. The stress of waiting days for an answer after making an offer can drive us mad. I want to share with you an App I discovered recently which will help you speed things up and get a quicker answer: “Genius Scan”

If you haven’t heard of it already, I strongly suggest you download and check out this free App, available on Android and IOS.


Just signed your offer and you’re ready to submit it?

Take a photo of each page with your phone, Genius Scan will automatically optimise contrast to create a clear image, and will then let you adjust and straighten each page and turn this into 1 pdf document which you can quickly email to anyone or save for later. Save yourself the hassle of taking time off work to drive to the real estate agents office to deliver your offer.

In the final stages of negotiating a sale and just need one more initial?

Don’t have a real estate salesperson knocking on your door at 10pm at night, initial the relevant change, take a photo with genius scan and you can email the contract back in seconds.

For those of you without a scanning printer at home it will save you going into the office to scan a document. If you are meeting your partner or spouse to sign the changes you can email it back straight away and get an answer from the owners that much quicker.

TIP: If you are making an offer on the property and going travelling at the same time, take a hard copy of the offer document with you so you can make changes on the fly and email them back using genius scan, without having to find a printer wherever you are.


Thanks for reading, please comment below and let us know about any apps you find helpful that our readers should know about.

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Best wishes,

Andrew Duncan 

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.
― Robert Louis Stevenson

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