Overcoming adversity in your thirties

Anna Thomas and Malcolm Thomas

Pictured: Anna Thomas with her dad and business partner, Malcolm.

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball.

Anna Thomas, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer last year. In her early 30’s, she went from running a successful real estate business to suddenly having to take 6+ months off work, deal with treatment plans, surgery, the works. 

Her world was turned upside down. 

Anna was kind enough to share her story with me, in the hope that the tools she found might help others dealing with adversity too. We recorded a podcast together which I would encourage you to check out below.

Anna has an inspiring message which focusses on positivity, self-acceptance and appreciating the little joys in life. 

You can also listen to this episode on AppleSpotifyGoogle or anywhere you enjoy listening to podcasts!

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