Where are Kiwis moving to right now?

The team at movingpro.co.nz recently shared this infographic with me and I thought it made for interesting reading. Scroll down below the image to read my thoughts…

Key points (based on their last 1000 moving requests):

23% of kiwis are moving to Wellington.

43% of moves are to another City

65% of movers leaving are fleeing from Auckland

The first stat is quite a surprise. Go the Capital!

Before we draw too many conclusions though, it is always worth keeping in mind the source of any statistical information. Movingpro.co.nz is a web-based site where you can obtain quotes from a number of moving companies to help you move home, hopefully saving you money and time since you don’t have to spend hours on the phone ringing round different companies to find the best price.

How could this effect the stats?

People moving from City to City are more likely to hire the services of a moving company.

If I am moving from Johnsonville to Newlands (the suburb next door) I am simply going to call a few mates, hire a truck or trailer and make a day of it. The same would apply for a move slightly further afield like Aotea, Lower Hutt or even Greytown. Hard to do that if you are moving to Auckland though. So that automatically skews the stats a fair bit. Movingpro would naturally attract more out of town movers than short-haul movers.

Auckland is a bigger market so you advertise there.

I don’t know their advertising strategy but if I was launching a service like movingpro I would concentrate on the biggest market in NZ (Auckland) and go from there. It would be interesting to know how many of their enquiries / clients originate from Auckland vs the rest of the Country.

What you can take from all of this is that people are starting to value a lifestyle over living in the big smoke. This probably has a whole lot to do with house prices and commute times. At the same time more and more jobs can be done outside of the main cities now, especially if you are a graphic designer, software programmer or provide some other sort of online service and can work remotely.

For further reading on where they might be heading, check out this article on the 10 fastest growing towns in NZ:

We are all sun-junkies in NZ and who can blame us? Who wouldn’t want to live by the beach if they can arrange it? In the article above you may have noted that Whakatane had 2704 sunshine hours in 2014! That’s 700 more than Auckland, which came in at 2003. That’s nearly 2 hours more sunshine every single day. I would hate to know what the figure for Wellington was (gulp) thankfully they left it out of the article and didn’t take the opportunity to have a dig at the little City that could.

Considering a move to chase the sun?

Check out: NZ Annual sunshine hours (includes interactive map).

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As always, stay safe out there and mark smart property decisions people!

Andrew Duncan – Real Estate Blogger

Who am I?

After 10 years marketing real estate in Wellington I took most of 2016 off to travel the world with my Wife, Annah. We are currently based in Auckland looking at new opportunities in the real estate world. If you are looking for an agent to sell your home (I still know a few good ones), a speaker to inspire your team or just a friend to talk to, send me an email and get in touch. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Hey mate you’ve seen the light and taken your talents else where. Wish you and your family all the best for 2017 and beyond. Your blogs are interesting keep them coming. My daughter is starting in the industry in Hawkes Bay when she completes her license. Take care…………

    1. Mate that’s awesome! It seems like so many people I talk to are moving up to Hawkes Bay at the moment so I think that market will go good for a fair while yet. I must admit it’s fun to have the freedom to choose where to go next. Just have to make sure we are choosing the lifestyle that suits us best and that we don’t make decisions based on financial gain etc. Hope you are doing well my man. All the best for the big year ahead.

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