When will real estate salespeople learn? (Why the hard sell doesn’t work)

Why is it that some real estate salespeople still want to walk you through every home you visit?
“This is the kitchen…
And this is the lounge…
And here is the bathroom”
Well duh! I think it’s safe to say we can all spot the difference between a kitchen and a bedroom. We don’t need a guided tour of that oh-so common structure known as a house. Do they really like the sound of their own voice that much?
Why is it that some salespeople still try to talk you into buying a home you obviously don’t like? Do they think there are some magic words that will suddenly make you change your mind and sign an offer on the spot? Don’t they realise this smacks of desperation?
No wonder Kiwi’s seem to prefer attending open homes rather than making private appointments (that way they can try and avoid prying questions before they are ready to buy).
My approach has always been:

“If you don’t like a property, there is nothing I can say that will convince you to buy that home.”

However, if you do like a property then a bad salesperson can still turn you off buy pestering too much, putting you under too much pressure to act quickly, and generally pushing too hard.
Too many agents call themselves “sales professionals” but they really should be called “sales prevention officers”.
Real estate is slowly attracting more professional business owners every day. Systems around training and professional development are constantly improving and this will result in more positive experiences for buyers and sellers in the future. I am excited about the future of this industry and proud to be a part of it.
In the meantime, there are still a few bad eggs out there (as with any trade or profession) so make sure you deal with someone you feel comfortable with – you really do have a choice!
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