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Andrew Duncan

My name is Andrew Duncan. I coach small business owners on improving sales, profitability and life balance.

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This blog started off as an educational resource to help buyers and sellers make smart real estate decisions. Over time, I’ve written about other subjects I am passionate about, including the climate crisis, plant-based cooking, mental health and financial freedom.

Projects I am involved in…

Simply Rentals is a people-focused property management business covering the greater Wellington region.

Agent Monday is a subscription content and coaching service for property professionals.

For The Love of Bees is on a mission to grow radical hope through food by fostering projects like the Urban Farmers Alliance and supporting the growing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) movement.

Carbon Critical is a startup on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand and throughout the world.

Good You Can Do. Learn about solutions to the climate crisis that you can take part in!

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Andrew Duncan

“The time is now and the place is here…”