It has only taken 5 years to add an ‘about me’ page to this blog 🙂

Something always stopped me in the past. I guess it’s that same nagging feeling you get when you know you have to introduce yourself to a group of strangers or write a bio for the company website. I will happily write a reference for someone else, but when it comes to writing about myself I just sit there staring at the keyboard like I have forgotten how to type.

Everything I have written for this blog has been penned because I enjoy sharing knowledge that might help someone and truth be told, sometimes I just enjoy having a rant. Writing a bio was never top of the list of priorities. But alas, it’s probably important you know where this is all coming from, especially as we have just launched a new Wellington real estate agency and we would love your support!

So here goes…

It all started when I left uni to work for my Dad’s real estate I.T company. It was there that I caught the property bug. Seeking independence, I joined NZ’s largest real estate firm (Harcourts) and spent 11 years working as a salesperson, manager, owner and coach, honing my skills in marketing, negotiating and consulting. I met some truly wonderful people and made life-long friends as a result of being part of that organisation.

After taking a year off to travel the world (finally did that O.E), followed by a highly enjoyable sabbatical in Auckland, we returned to Wellington with a new-born and a puppy in tow. Eager for a new challenge.

Starting our own agency had been a goal for many years and in 2018 that came to fruition with the launch of our independent property agency. At relatable, we are bucking the trend by providing un-matched digital marketing campaigns (at minimal cost to our owners) combined with market-leading commission rates. We also have an ‘experts only’ hiring policy so you can be sure that every member of our team is life-definingly serious about real estate. We simply won’t accept anyone practising on the public.

Outside of Wellington, I provide coaching for a small group of dedicated real estate specialists around the Country and occasionally appear on the radio or speak at events.

I also provide one on one consultations for people all over the country who are about to make a real estate decision and need some impartial, experienced advice. You can book a 30-minute phone consultation online via this blog.

Outside of real estate, I am passionate about plant-based food, climate change, finding ways to donate effectively, working with nice people, CrossFit, NFL and spending time with loved ones.

Biggest likes: Dog walks, sunshine, coconut latte’s, any form of exercise, deep & meaningful conversations.

Favourite podcasts: Hardcore history, The Tim Ferriss Show, PTI, Waking up by Sam Harris.

Thanks for visiting the blog!

Andrew Duncan