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Is it a good idea to ban letting fees?

Dec 6th, 2018 Market commentary, Property investment Andrew Duncan

Letting fees are a cost which have historically been charged to tenants by property managers when they move into a property. It is usually equivalent to one week’s rent. It is a large cost for a tenant to bear, especially if they are only going to live in the property for 3 – 12months. While taking a sabbatical in Auckland in 2017, we rented a…

How to sell real estate to millennials

Jul 31st, 2018 Market commentary, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

Every millennial real estate buyer wants to be in charge of their transaction from start to finish. We want to do as much research as possible before speaking to a real estate salesperson. 5 dos and 5 don’ts for marketing properties to first home buyers. Please don’t! 1. Don’t limit the number of photos on trademe to ‘make the phone ring’. If we can’t see a photo…

Propertyfiles is a game-changer for buyers and real estate agents

Jun 18th, 2018 Market commentary, Real Estate, Tips For Buyers Andrew Duncan

There is now a real estate file delivery system available that every single real estate salesperson should be using to allow prospective buyers access to reports and other related info. This system is called propertyfiles and from our experience, it’s a game-changer. I’ve worked in real estate sales since 2007. Since the day I started, one of the most time-consuming tasks has been getting property info…

Everything you need to know about Meth contamination in residential property

Jun 4th, 2018 Market commentary, Tips For Buyers, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

A new report has been released by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor which questions all our assumptions around ‘safe’ meth contamination levels in residential houses. The report essentially says the old trigger level of 1.5 mcg per 100 sq cm was way too over-zealous and contamination levels would have to be many, many times higher to even have the possibility of causing negative effects….

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Are property investors making the housing situation better? Or worse?

Apr 27th, 2018 Market commentary, Real Estate Andrew Duncan

Lately, the ‘stop being so tough on property investors‘ rhetoric has gotten a little bit much for me to bear. Fellow property investors – it’s time we started being honest with ourselves. Taking care of your financial future is a good thing and you should be commended for it. You won’t be a burden to the state if you take care of your own finances. At…

Wellington market update

Wellington Market Update: Median sale price reaches record high…

Please note: Figures below are generated from REINZ stats and ‘Wellington City’ covers Tawa to Seatoun and everything in between… The big talking point this month… The median sale price for non-apartment properties (houses, townhouses and units) in Wellington increased to $744,373 in February 2018. That’s the highest median every recorded for that segment of the market. Just beating out November 2017’s high of $744k,…

Mailbag: How do you feel the real estate industry needs to change?

Mar 7th, 2018 Market commentary, Real Estate Andrew Duncan

I recently asked my newsletter recipients the following 3 questions: How do you feel the real estate industry needs to change? What would give you more confidence when dealing with real estate salespeople? What part of the real estate process do you find the most confusing? The feedback blew me away. I am touched by the amount of time many of you took to write…

Who should first home buyers vote for?

Who should first home buyers (and real estate agents) vote for?

Sep 6th, 2017 Market commentary Andrew Duncan

The home ownership rate in NZ is currently the lowest it has been in 66 years (approx 63%). It peaked at a high of 73.8% back in 1991 and has been falling ever since. So what’s happened since then? We can all agree, I hope, that a higher home ownership rate is a good thing for families, for children and for our society as a…