The smartest way to move…

Lets be honest, moving house sucks. No two ways about it.

It always takes longer than you think, that couch never quite fits through that doorway and something will inevitably leak all over your stuff while you are driving to your new house.

Moving days will always be some of the hardest, most tiring days of our lives.

One of the most frustrating parts of the process is sitting on the phone talking to utility companies, trying to arrange switching your connections (internet, power, gas, sky etc). As Kiwi’s we usually leave these important tasks till the last minute which usually means we end up in our brand new house with no internet for 7 days (speaking from past experience here).

There are many things to stress about in life, but moving shouldn’t be one of them. With all the apps and technology available these days there must be a better way.

I’ve got an idea!

What if someone else made all the calls for you. And what if that process didn’t cost you anything either. Not only that, what if they helped you find the providers who would give you the best possible deal!

That would be pretty sweet, right?

That’s why I have partnered with the team at Movinghub to bring you their FREE service which helps arrange the connection of all your utility and home services at your new property – in one phone call! This will literally save you hours sitting on hold, waiting to speak to someone in an overseas help-desk. It also means you don’t have to scour the internet trying to find which company is offering the best deal right now.

The team at Movinghub work with a range of different providers and will help you choose the best supplier to suit your situation (and get you the best price) at all times.

Whether you are relocating existing accounts, or joining new providers, they sort it all out for you. They can even arrange quotes for cleaners, movers, gardeners, storage units and a whole lot more. All you need to do is fill in the form below and they will be in touch with you within 4 business hours. They’ll take care of the rest.

I guess that part of the move will be easy at least!

How can they do this for free?

The utility companies pay Movinghub a small fee to arrange the connections and handle the communication (it makes things easier for them). As part of that process Movinghub will contribute a small amount to support this blog.

Fill in the form below to get started.

Want to learn more first? Read: Movinghub FAQ’s


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