what does a financial adviser do?

What does a financial adviser actually do?

Oct 22nd, 2019 Personal finance, Tips For Buyers Andrew Duncan

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” – Karl Pearson Are your financial habits helping you get closer to your financial goals? Or moving you further away? Do you have financial goals to start with? Is your KiwiSaver optimised? Do you have the right level of insurance? In this podcast episode, Tim Ellis from Fox Plan talks about what a…


How to buy your first investment property

Sep 4th, 2019 Personal finance, Property investment Andrew Duncan

Would you like to take a massive step towards securing your financial future? Sorry for the rhetorical question, but it’s worth setting the stage here. Buying the right first investment property can put you on a high-speed, cruise-control path to financial freedom. Disclaimer… Before we get started: I am not a qualified financial adviser. This article will share tips and strategies I (and clients of…

11 Smartest things I’ve learned about money (advice to my 18 year-old self).

Apr 8th, 2018 Personal finance, Tips For Buyers Andrew Duncan

I’m no Warren Buffet, so you don’t need to take financial advice from me. But I wrote this article because, as Kiwis, we are reluctant to have conversations about money. It’s a taboo subject. There is so much we can learn from each other’s discoveries and mistakes. I’ve sure made some hash-ups along the way. I’ve written this post so you can learn from my experiences and…

My 12 favourite personal finance websites

Jul 23rd, 2017 Personal finance Andrew Duncan

Are you looking to further your financial education? Are you tired of living payslip to payslip? Would you like to start down the road towards financial freedom? Learning is growth. And education helps us make smarter decisions. That is what this blog is all about. With that in mind, here are my 12 favourite personal finance websites. These are the people that have helped shaped…

I tracked my phone usage for 30 days with RescueTime…

Mar 21st, 2017 Personal finance Andrew Duncan

Do you ever wonder how much time you are spending on your phone each day? Now there is a way you can track it. Download RescueTime (it’s a free app). I was interested to see how much time I was actually spending looking at facebook, speaking to people and generally mucking around with my screen in my face, not being completely ‘present’ in my daily life….