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Podcast: How to create the future you deserve

“When the world around you is changing and new and different opportunities present themselves, you want to be prepared to make the most of those opportunities.” 

– Lucy Sanderson-Gammon

What will the world of work look like after the lockdown is over?

What changes will we see?

No one knows the answer to those questions. But if you set yourself up with the right mind-set, if you are clear on what ‘good’ looks like for you, then you’ll be in the best possible position to succeed, no matter what challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

The alert level 4 lockdown is a golden opportunity to spend some time reflecting on your working life and what you ideally want it to look like, moving forward in a post-lockdown world.

For more on how to go about doing this. Let me introduce my personal career coach, Lucy Sanderson-Gammon…

Check out Lucy’s latest blog post (and other articles on her site) for more career advice:

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