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How to create the warm healthy homes we all need

An ex-Nasa engineer explains how to find and/or build the healthiest homes possible.

In this podcast episode, I interview Jason Quinn from Sustainable Engineering.

Jason offers an introduction to the Passive House concept (essentially a home that is as cheap as possible to heat). You’ll learn how the science behind this movement can help you make better decisions when buying an existing home, renovating to add warmth, or building new.

  • We discuss tips on what to look for when you are buying if you want a warm, healthy home, including low-cost changes that can make a big difference
  • Questions to ask the agent / builder when looking at a show home or ‘off-the-plans’ property
  • Why, when it comes to the building code, acceptable is very different from optimal
  • And much, much more!

I highly recommend taking the time to listen and learn from Jason’s extensive knowledge and experience:

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