7 Real Estate Handy Apps You Should Be Using For Every Open Home

Nov 25th, 2016 Tips for buyers Andrew Duncan

Here are 7 real estate apps that we use on a weekly basis that will help you make smart real estate decisions. 1. Kiwibank’s “Home-Hunter” (Search for this in the app store) The Sun-finder tool inside this app is simply awesome. You can set it to Summer / Winter and get an idea of the path the sun will take throughout the day at different times…


Don’t Let Your Conditions Cost you Next Time You Make An Offer.

Nov 10th, 2016 Tips for buyers Andrew Duncan

We believe most buyers in the Wellington real estate market would be shocked if they knew how many multiple-offer situations are won and lost, largely based on conditions. The amount of time you choose to specify for your due diligence and the number of conditions you insert, has a direct influence how attractive your offer appears. Owners will often take the 2nd highest offer available because…


Why won’t you just tell me the asking price!

Oct 7th, 2016 Tips for buyers Andrew Duncan

This is always a debatable issue but it’s one I feel needs to be explained further for the benefit of anyone looking at buying in this market. Please let us know your thoughts by commenting below, we would love to hear from you. ———————————- I have the following conversation at least 30 – 50 times every Sunday during our open homes… Buyer: “How much do the owners want?”…


5 Things you must do before you sell your home.

Sep 16th, 2016 Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

There are 5 activities that will add value to your existing home. These steps will provide you with the best possible return on time and money invested when it comes time to sell: 1. Painting You should paint bathroom ceilings if they need it, paint kitchen cupboards if the colours are dated. Consider changing the handles as well – a very inexpensive way to modernise…

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Buying Old or Buying New – Some Key Considerations

Aug 26th, 2016 Tips for buyers Andrew Duncan

Love the idea of an original weatherboard character home, or do you prefer something brand spanking new?  Before you decide on that ultra-modern pad, or start hunting for antiques for your little villa, there are some facts that may be worth considering. Location Historic or older houses will often be located in the more established suburbs (Khandallah, Miramar, Island Bay), whilst most newer properties will…


Why Do House Prices Keep Rising?

Aug 11th, 2016 Tips for buyers Andrew Duncan

Sucks to be a buyer right now huh? Prices keep rising. There are 100 people at each open home so you can’t even have a look around. When you finally see something you do like and you make an offer, it turns out 42 other people want that house as well. And now suddenly investors are buying ‘first home’ type properties too! How is that…

'Kaitaki' arriving, Wellington, New Zealand, 20 January 2006

Why are there so few houses for sale right now?

Jul 28th, 2016 Tips for buyers, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

There is an extreme shortage of real estate for sale in the Wellington area, and understandably, buyers are frequently frustrated by the severe lack of choice. Current listing inventory is approximately 40-50% of what it was in February / March. One of the consequences of this is increased competition for the few homes that do come on the market. A few weeks ago we had…


Don’t rely too heavily on the RV’s when making an offer

Jul 7th, 2016 Tips for buyers Andrew Duncan

The majority of properties for sale in today’s market are advertised with nothing more than their RV (Rateable Value) as a price guide. However, this number often bares little resemblance to the final sale price, and the variance from house to house can be huge, with some homes selling for hundreds of thousands above their Rateable Value. As a buyer, this puts you in a…


How to bid at an Auction (5 steps to help you prepare + 5 tips for first-timers)

Jun 10th, 2016 Real Estate, Tips for buyers, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

If the Wellington market keeps going like it is (hotter than I have ever seen it before) you will start seeing more and more properties being sold by Auction, following in the footsteps of our big brother, Auckland. Auctions can be daunting but they can also be a breath of fresh air in a market that has been dominated by Tenders for as long as…