How to sell real estate to millennials

Jul 31st, 2018 Market commentary, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

Every millennial real estate buyer wants to be in charge of their transaction from start to finish. We want to do as much research as possible before speaking to a real estate salesperson. 5 dos and 5 don’ts for marketing properties to first home buyers. Please don’t! 1. Don’t limit the number of photos on trademe to ‘make the phone ring’. If we can’t see a photo…

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Q&A: “Am I better off dealing with the listing agent?”

Jul 31st, 2018 Tips For Buyers Andrew Duncan

A quick introduction… In real estate sales, the listing agent is the person who has been hired by the homeowner to sell their property. The listing agent is the one with their face on the signboard outside. In most situations in NZ, if you want to buy that home, you can either deal with the listing agent directly or another agent from the same company. Note:…

Propertyfiles is a game-changer for buyers and real estate agents

Jun 18th, 2018 Market commentary, Real Estate, Tips For Buyers Andrew Duncan

There is now a real estate file delivery system available that every single real estate salesperson should be using to allow prospective buyers access to reports and other related info. This system is called propertyfiles and from our experience, it’s a game-changer. I’ve worked in real estate sales since 2007. Since the day I started, one of the most time-consuming tasks has been getting property info…

Everything you need to know about Meth contamination in residential property

Jun 4th, 2018 Market commentary, Tips For Buyers, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

A new report has been released by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor which questions all our assumptions around ‘safe’ meth contamination levels in residential houses. The report essentially says the old trigger level of 1.5 mcg per 100 sq cm was way too over-zealous and contamination levels would have to be many, many times higher to even have the possibility of causing negative effects….

A tale of two Cities (Auckland vs Wellington)

May 15th, 2018 Market Statistics Andrew Duncan

We have a somewhat interesting situation going on right now, where Auckland has well and truly become a buyers market, while Wellington remains the total opposite. One of the clearest ways to see this play out is by looking at inventory levels… Imagine if, as of today, no more houses came on the market in Auckland. Not a single one. Based on the current rate…

Property investors

Are property investors making the housing situation better? Or worse?

Apr 27th, 2018 Market commentary, Property investment, Real Estate Andrew Duncan

Lately, the ‘stop being so tough on property investors‘ rhetoric has gotten a little bit much for me to bear. Fellow property investors – it’s time we started being honest with ourselves. Taking care of your financial future is a good thing and you should be commended for it. You won’t be a burden to the state if you take care of your own finances. At…

Why a fast, quiet sale probably won’t be a good sale

Apr 11th, 2018 Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

In this article, I’m tackling an age-old real estate belief that a fast sale = a good sale. To work out whether that’s true, I’ve analysed the most impressive sales in Wellington City over the past 12 months, to see if I could answer the following questions… What goes into a great result? Are there similarities among the best property sales that we can learn…

11 Smartest things I’ve learned about money (advice to my 18 year-old self).

Apr 8th, 2018 Personal finance, Tips For Buyers Andrew Duncan

I’m no Warren Buffet, so you don’t need to take financial advice from me. But I wrote this article because, as Kiwis, we are reluctant to have conversations about money. It’s a taboo subject. There is so much we can learn from each other’s discoveries and mistakes. I’ve sure made some hash-ups along the way. I’ve written this post so you can learn from my experiences and…

Homeowners: Don’t sign until you’ve read the fine print.

Mar 21st, 2018 Real Estate, Tips for sellers Andrew Duncan

This article explains why you need to think long and hard before you choose an agent and before you sign their listing agreement. What is a listing agreement or ‘agency agreement’? It is the contract you sign when you hire a real estate salesperson to market your home. Find out more on the REA website. The standard duration is 90 days and therein lies the problem….

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